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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 6, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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northern california needs the rain and today we got it. but how much rain we got really depends on where you live. >> on the roads it wasn't just rain that created challenges for drivers. gusty winds also made this a busy day for the highway patrol. >> and those winds create add big mess pg & e blowing trees on to power lines and sparking outages for tens of thousands of homes and businesses. we saw one storm roll through today but there is more rain ahead this weekend. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we have the rainfall total so far, 2-inches of rain in the bay but less than a inch in
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other places. we begin with chief meteorologist bill martin and a look at where the storm system is right now, bill. >> reporter: the storm system blue through here pretty quick. the heavier rain in the south bay. let's take a look at the live radar. you probably heard it coming down. we will push into san ramon. you can see heavy rain. this is right now. out on the 680 it's raining hard. we're getting breaks in the north bay now. heaviest showers moving south of the area. how about those rain totals for the day. 4-inches in cloverdale, over 2- inches in santa rosa. concord was over an inch. we had plenty of rain in san jose. got up to 1.2-inches of rain. most of that fell within the last two or three hours in the evening commute. the strong winds as well, we had winds going up to 51 miles per hour out in point rays and still breezy out there. we had more rain in the forecast. this is number one, number two shows up this weekend to bring
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us more rain. when i come back after the break we'll dial that in for you. now to ktvu's debora villalon she's in san rafael where the big problem has been power outages, debora. >> reporter: we're along the san rafael bridge where it's been rainy and breezy but at least the lights are on. at united market in san rafael they were pulling screens down to keep the bread fresh. registers running on an emergency generator after power was brought down. the manager counting on dry ice and a good attitude to get through it. >> we have mood lighting, so it's a romantic friday. >> come down for the storm and shop at united. >> reporter: this first day of this first storm of the year delivered downpours. much restless with umbrellas in
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the high wind and crews put to the test. blowing like sails, some surviving, some not. >> looks like we've had 50 to 60 miles per hour winds. it's toppled two winds. >> i was sitting there with a cup of tea thinking, it seems like a strong gust of wind. >> reporter: so strong that it brought down a tree on her house. >> i saw it just leaning. >> reporter: a wild day for tree trimmers, this turned out to be a job for a crane. with every drop a little dent against the drought. >> the weather is beautiful. we're here in town, we're not going to miss it. >> reporter: san jose's outage
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knocking out signals did try people's patience as they found a shopping center and near by gas stations deserted. but at the market that stayed open, all smiles about the storm. >> i like it. i'm happy. it's raining. it's exciting. >> reporter: power is back on in east san rafael. usually it's trees pulling the lines down so frank, that one was something different. >> sure is. all right debora villalon in the north bay. pg & e workers are getting the lights back on. right now more than nine -- 9,000 bay area customers are still without power. and in the east bay there's about 2,900 homes or businesses without power at this hour. a lesson that she learned a long time ago about downed power lines really paid off today for a mother and her kids
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in bodega. sophie martin and her three young children were on their way to go bowling when power lines went down around her mini van. martin says that she remembered you're supposed to stay inside your car if it ever comes into contact with live wires. >> the wires started arching and causing a fire in front of us. and my children started freaking out a little bit more so i told them to call 911 to make sure someone is coming. >> reporter: someone told martin those live wires carried 4,000 bolts of electricity. once they cut the power, she got the all clear and took her kids out for a little ice cream. the wet weather meant a slow commute home for many people around the bay area tonight. christien kafton is live now in berkeley. the highway patrol told you it was a busy day out there. >> yeah we were out in that evening commute. we could definitely feel the wind blowing us back and forth. we could definitely feel the wind blowing us back and forth
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as we were crossing the bay bridge. you can see traffic still moving along interstate 80. the interstate is still wet. the chp is advising everyone to slow down. wind and rain. the winter storm added a few obstacles to the commute home. >> a typical friday, probably a little heavier than normal. >> reporter: sergeant tony tam says it's been busy for the commute. >> as far as calls for service, we have higher than normal call for service because of collisions, down tree, roadway hazards. >> reporter: among those hazards standing water. an easy way for a driver to be blinded if it comes over the windshield or for a driver to lose control. >> the most important thing is don't slam on your brakes. just let off the accelerate and
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stay off the accelerator until you gain traction again. >> reporter: with wet roads an accident can happen in the time it takes to glance down at a phone and back up on the roadway. >> keep your eyes on the road. keep your attention focus on what you need to be doing. which is operating a motor vehicle. the chp says the key is for drivers to drive the condition not the posted speed limit. drivers we spoke with said it seemed that most of their fellow commuters were on the same page. >> i think everybody is being fairly responsible right now. i haven't seen anyone being particularly stupid. >> some people don't have their lights on so it's hard to see them. but you know, all in all everybody has been doing pretty well i think. i hope. >> reporter: we have been keeping an eye on the chp report as the storm continues to roll through. they're still taking reports of debris on the roadway. there are numerous reports of flooded roadways in hayward, contra costa county and san jose. with more rain on the way for at least the next two days, the
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chps advice to slow down makes a lot of sense. >> good idea not to be in a hurry. christien thank you. >> reporter: flying out of the airport was not a breeze today. the storm led to 400 delays. flights headed to sfo were experiences delays of about three hours and some 180 flights were cancelled. many of them were the short flights headed across the coast. >> reporter: the rain made driving treacherous tonight. take a look at this video from echo summit. that surprised some people who were expecting to see rain. snow controls are in effect on both highway 50 and interstate 80. tonight at 10:30, we'll show you low all the spin outs and accidents forced caltrans to close 80 for a time. plus storm damage in the east bay. the huge monterey pine that narrowly missed a house. our chief meteorologist bill
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martin's extended forecast including that next round of rain over the weekend. the labor dispute causing shipping containers to stack up in west coast ports is taking a dramatic turn. they're now telling dock workers to stay home this weekend. they have shut down operations until monday. ktvu's jana katsuyama spoke to both sides tonight and joins us live now from oakland with the latest on negotiations, jana. >> reporter: union spokesperson told me that negotiations ended about 5:00 today with no deal. every day that goes by with no deal is dealing a big blow to the region's economy. by 4:00 p.m., word had spread to truck drivers at the port of oakland waiting to load or unload shipping containers before the weekend shutdown. the pacific maritime organization says nothing will be moved off or on to any ships this weekend at the 29 ports on the west coast. >> just wait and waiting all
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the time. all day in line. don't make nothing. >> reporter: for thousands of truck drivers no loads this weekend means no pay. this driver who didn't want his face shown says for him each trip means $500. >> when you don't work, you don't take containers from the port. you don't earn money. >> reporter: labor negotiations between pacific maritime and the long shore union have been dragging on for nine months. >> if the union is going to work at 40, 50, 60% below normal, we'll continue their slow down, then we really don't have a choice. >> reporter: the association's president issued a statement wednesday in a you tube video. >> these slow downs are having the same result as a worker's strike except that workers are still getting a paycheck. >> reporter: a spokesman for the union says the number is inflated and workers are paid
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closer to $36 an hour or $75,000 a year. the main sticks points are work rules, procedures and safety measures. >> this was a shocking development to have the companies close the ports down on the weekend in the middle of this congestion mess that's been affecting customers for the better part of 2014. >> reporter: for customers caught in the middle it means yet another blow to their bottom line. >> i think there needs to be intervention from the government. because this is destroying our economy. >> reporter: a federal mediator has been at the table since last month. the west coast port operations and negotiations are expected to continue on monday. >> all right, jana, thank you. now oil workers announced today that tesoro oil refinery in martinez has been shut down as the workers there go on strike. it took days to complete the process of the shut down. the union is striking at nine refineries in the u.s. as they look for a new contract. there's nine refineries account
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for 10% of u.s. refining capacity. 650 people work at the tesoro martinez plant. it is the only bay area refinery where workers are picketing. >> a woman caught on camera sneaking into a school three times. the surprise she took. a 14-year-old girl found dead next to a burning car. >> a lot of stuff does not add up. >> the big question surrounding what happened to her. >> and next, criminals getting their hands on other people's tax refunds. expert advice on how you can make sure your information isn't compromised.
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new at 10:00, taxpayers who use turbo tax software are back in business tonight. intuit shut down e filing after becoming aware of filings that were fake. amber lee is live after talking to a security expert. what is that expert telling you? >> reporter: we're at the expert head quarters of in to the best -- of intuit. turbo tax a popular do it yourself tax preparation software can be found online and in stores. >> it's easy, quick for me and i can do it online at home. >> reporter: but two people in minnesota logged on to turbo tax to file their state tax return only to find that someone else had already filed
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a return using their identity. turbo tax says it's seen an increase in this type of fraudulent activity. thieves used the stolen information to claim other people's tax refunds. >> the cyber security and privacy go hand in hand. >> reporter: dr. melbel says the security breach isn't with turbo tax. that it started when the victim's personal information was stolen elsewhere. >> a breach at one place affects all of us elsewhere. >> reporter: intuit stopped allowing electronic filing for 24 hours and resumed this afternoon. intuit ceo says we're taking this issue very seriously and from the moment it emerged it has been all hands on deck. >> you can always inprove on your security. no matter how good it is. there's always some clever personal out there that can figure out how to circumvent it. >> reporter: this couple says
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they've filed their returns with turbo tax and this is just the latest reminder to be careful. >> reporter: a good way to protect your passwords to stall them on a vault in your smart phone. that means getting an app with protection. there's new information about data breach at anthem health insurance that saw hackers steal the personality information of 80 million customers. the insurance company says hackers gained access by using the credentials of five employees that they likely got through e-mail fishing scams. now anthem is warning current and former clients that someone is sending fake e-mails on how to deal with the attack. anthem plans to get in touch with members through letters delivered by the postal service. anthem says its system was
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first breached back in december. cal recycle has approved a permit for renewing the nuby landfill despite strong opposition from people living near by. the expansion would allow the landfill to expand the dump. the santa clara corner says a body found in milpitas is that of a 14-year-old girl. investigators say a car fled from the scene of a hit-and-run on milpitas boulevard early wednesday. that car was found half a mile away with a girl's body near by. now as ktvu's azenith smith reports, there's two big questions investigators are trying to answer. >> it's a horrible accident. i didn't find out until this morning the age of the victim, i think that could have been my
10:18 pm
daughter. >> reporter: milpitas police say what happened was tragic but more tragic is the circumstances surrounding the death of 14-year-old from san jose. >> we're still working on all the details of what happened. >> reporter: around 3:30 in the morning a garbage truck driver called 911 saying he had been involved in a hit-and-run accident at a major milpitas intersection. police followed the debris. there officers found a heavy damaged cadillac on fire. near by they found a 14-year- old not old enough to drive. >> we're trying to find out what happened, time line, how many people were in the car. was she the only person in the car. >> reporter: police would not say who the car was registered to. the girl's injuries consistent with being in a major car
10:19 pm
crash. how she ended up outside that car and exactly who was driving are the big questions. the only thing that could help are traffic cameras that haven't been replaced because of budget shortages. >> my goodness, that's even worse. i'm still traumatized. >> reporter: just as puzzled are neighbors. >> just curious as to how the story unfolded and why there was such -- why there was such a severe consequence. >> reporter: police are asking neighbors for their surveillance videos. police say someone must know who was driving. anyone with information is asked to contact milpitas police. in milpitas, azenith smith, ktvu news. pretty dry january, but or it was a very dry january. last rain we had was in december but we have rain going
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on now. this january being so dry is the second longest dry spell we've seen in san francisco history. the last longest was 1976. we broke it in a big way. a lot of rain. this is the current radar imagery. you can see showers in santa rosa. the heaviest stuff up there. the thing is starting to wind down. middletown, san helena getting heavy rain. scattered showers as we head south to pleasanton. livermore valley got hammered at 7:00 this evening. san jose light showers. the computer model does this. most of the heavy showers are now out of the area. here we are at 2:00 a.m. tonight. scattered showers throughout the evening hours. i've had reports of six to 8- inches of rain up here in the cloverdale area. most areas, 2-1/2 to 3-inches. so far this is system number one it's still going to rain throughout the evening hours. 7:00a.m. tomorrow morning, your saturday
10:21 pm
does not look bad. it's cloudy and there's some blue light rain. but boy i'll tell you what i'm not changing my plans. get out there and do some stuff. there it is saturday at 5:00 then things change around. sunday the clouds thicken up. and we get system number two, could see another 3-inches of rain around the bay. and some of the heavier spots in the north bay they could see another four or 5-inches of rain in the bay. gusty winds but not as strong. this next system sunday not as strong. when we come back we will time out when the heaviest showers are here and when they're out of the area. saturday should be mostly dry. coming up here another big tree knocked over within the last hours by this storm. the latest video from san francisco as crews work to clean up. and isis releases a video
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of an american hostage. why experts say that's not true. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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are stunning claim from isis. the terrorists say an american aid workers from arizona was kill bid a jordanian air strike in syria. until now, little has been said about the american woman being held captive since july. ken pritchett has more. >> reporter: the claim that the american was killed by jordanian air strikes has come with much skepticism. kidnapped after leaving a doctors without border hospital. her friends asked her name be kept quiet until they negotiated until now. >> the daughter is one of those folks that looks for the good in everything. >> reporter: isis claims she was the lone casualty when this building was struck by
10:25 pm
jordanian bombs. >> you can see this is a multi story building. other buildings were flattened and she was the only person killed in this attack. >> what we know about this terrorist organization is they are liars when they come to these things. they use these events to manipulate facts and manipulate public opinion. >> reporter: jordan has ramped up air strikes in syria in retaliation for the execution of lieutenant akasade. the captured f16 pilot was burned alive. now called the martyr, they are rallying in the area. >> we have one goal and just to stop them. >> reporter: ebarhem is
10:26 pm
president of the american jordanian organization. they plan a candlelight vigil for the loss of a national hero. >> it felt really like when foley died. and it feels really personal when al-kasasbeh died as a jordanian. >> you can find the address to their location on for the address. >> u.s. officials believe she is the last american being held captive. >> they believe she's the last american. they've believed that for some time but it's just now that her name is surfacing with this report whether it's legitimate or not from isis. >> i can't begin to imagine what it's like for her family. just incredibly gut wrenching. >> thank you. authorities in the east bay identified the woman who was shot and killed near the border
10:27 pm
of oakland and emeryville. police say she pointed a gun at the officers after allegedly shoplifting items from a near by home depot. police also say she try to hijack several cars at gunpoint. emeryville police identified the officer as michelle shepherd and lauren williams. they're both seven year veterans. the oakland police department and the alameda county attorney's office are investigating the shooting. there's word of a legal claim filed by the family of a teenager who was killed by san jose police while she was holding a cordless drill. it happened last august when officers responded to a 911 call about a mentally disturbed woman threatening her family with what was thought to be an oozie sub machine gun. police fired a single deadly shot after 19-year-old diana schulman advanced toward officers looking what looked like a gun but what turned out to be a power drill. same problem in a new spot. at 10:45, the growing homeless
10:28 pm
encampment that has residents of one bay area residents unsure on where to turn. the problems on the road that brought traffic to a complete standstill. ♪
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a slow crawl for drivers headed to north lake tahoe today. snow blanketed interstate 80 near donner summit. this was not a goods -- good day to be driving the sierra. traffic stalled out because of fender benders and traffic being stuck in all that snow. >> reporter: it was all causing problems tonight on interstate 80 through the sierra. this is what many drivers ran into. traffic at a standstill for miles. >> we were running around with
10:31 pm
our hair on fire at mach three for a full hour. >> reporter: even though there was not a lot of snow, it was a struggle. >> the change in weather is a challenge. >> reporter: many drivers got off the freeway thinking the side rows would be faster. big mistake. >> reporter: this was donner pass road. people got stuck and were forced to put on snow chains before they could move again. >> i'm loving the fact that we're getting snow. i wish it would have started coming down once i got over the summit. >> reporter: this truck basically its back tires slid off the roadway. donner pass road here. they're waiting for a tow. but while they're waiting it affects everyone else including a greyhound bus headed to reno with a bus full of people in it. this is the accident information page. caltranss had to help close the freeway for a time so the accidents could be cleaned up. >> once it started to snow we
10:32 pm
had a truck sideways east of the summit. then we had the donner lake summit. >> reporter: many people looking for snow chains, supplies, and a place to warm up. the line of cars trying to get into the gas station was just as long. >> reporter: my goodness we haven't seen pictures like that in a long time. usually this time of year we're doing a lot of those kinds of stories. really snowed up there really good. what's going on up there tonight. >> reporter: what's happening now is it was snowing at the level. it's raining at skwal valley. let's take a look at the ape that's happening. in the mountains that's what we're talking -- it's raining in squall valley. let's take a look at the rate
10:33 pm
that's happening. the next storm that comes in here looks like it could bring us lower snow levels it sits out here in the pacific. it has a little bit more cool air. so as we head into sunday night, that system could drop the snow levels and help out quite a bit there. we have more rain on the way. that storm system i just showed you. that's storm system number two. it does get here on sunday but it will have an impact on your plans. i'll see you back here with specifics. a mother and her two kids came within inches of being killed today after a large tree fell right on their car. it happened in ben lomond. the tree just missed them and instead it just crushed the front of the car and no one was injured. ironically the driver of the car works for the insurance agency. near by highway 15 was the scene of spin outs pause of the wet roads. trees have been knocked out all
10:34 pm
over the area including one in san francisco. a 40-foot tree ended up blocking two lanes at the intersection of fell and brodrick street. a crew worker cut down the branches. all weekend you will find all the information you need about this storm on air and online including on twitter and facebook. a san francisco elementary school was the target of an unusual theft investigators say the suspect hopped over a school fence three separate times during one sixth hour period. as david stevenson reports, thousands of dollars worth of cool property was stolen. >> reporter: the wet weather kept kids in san francisco's marshal school indoors and away from a classroom. >> nobody had broken in so this was disappointed. >> reporter: as you >> reporter: -- surveillance video showed a woman made three
10:35 pm
trips. >> she must have been getting up here. >> reporter: climbing over the fence at 3:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on sunday. she stole garden equipment and a dollie. she also took a hurricane preparedness kit with enough water and snacks to feed 350 kids. >> we have a shovel in case we have to do a rescue if anybody is tracked. >> reporter: the theft saddened teachers and parents. >> we were surprised to hear that it went on for several hours and no one sort of noticed anything peculiar. >> reporter: a school neighbor has started a go fund me account to help restore the items. >> now if there is an emergency we're going to have to make sure everybody has a key to get into the supply shed that might be an added time to get to those materials. >> reporter: the school district is working to replace the earthquake kit.
10:36 pm
some of the stolen gear is marked marshall elementary school. anyone who comes upon the items is asked to call the police department. david stevenson, ktvu news. mark zuckerburg and dr. pricilla chan are donating $75 million to the hospital. the hospital will have more operating rooms, trauma rooms and more hospital beds in case of a major disaster. the $75 million donation is believed to be the largest private gift from individuals to a public hospital in the u.s. bottoms up for bay area beer lovers. san francisco beer week kicked off tonight. a sold out crowd of 2,500 were there to sip on beers from all over california. there were 82 different craft breweries represented. those in attendance came from all across the country, even
10:37 pm
from around the world. >> beer week is just an opportunity for people to learn about beer, enjoy beer and come together as a community, breweries and people and have a good time. if you couldn't make tonight's beer week event there's still a lot of time. there are dozens of events being held. they're being held all over the bay area. >> i'm surprised bill wasn't there. he loves to brew beer. >> he loves to brew beer yeah. the action the university of california is now taking. >> heavy rain right now. the timing on a break this weekend and when storm number two will bring thunder and lightning. a young woman shot and killed on a night out with friends. the case went cold and now police are hoping a very emotional video will help bring a killer to justice.
10:38 pm
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police in palo alto have teamed up with a family of a homicide victim to create an emotional video and generate new clues in a cold case. it was june of 2001 when a single gunshot rang out in front of what was then cue cafe nightclub. the bullet struck maria sao in the head. police say they ran out of leads and have been unable to come up with information about the shooter. the victim's father is dying and hasn 't spoken in months
10:41 pm
until now. >> because she's my daughter. >> a $100,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to her killer. police say when that video is finished they will postit on their you tube and facebook pages as well as releasing it on public access channels. as the measles outbreak grows the university of california is taking action but not right away. today the university of california system announced it is going to have measles vaccinations. all in coming students will also need vaccinations for mumps, tetnus and whooping cough. right now the system seasonal requires hepatitis b vaccinations while other campuses have additional requirements. efforts are paying off to reduce how many times black students are suspended.
10:42 pm
so far this school year the district says the number of black student who is have been suspended is down 17% and last year suspensions were half of what they were the previous school term. the district is staging interventions and monitoring students who get reported for behavioral problems and also offering positive reinforcement when they do well. u.s. stock markets ended the week in the red but still made solid games for the week. nasdaq lost 20. and the s & p500 slipped seven. markets rallied on a positive jobs report then fell late in the day on news from greece. it's the news they've been waiting for. more than 100 bay area residents living in substandard housing. learn that they will be leaving those poor conditions behind. >> one storm down, one to go. chief meteorologist bill martin's weekend forecast and how long the wet weather will or how it will affect your weekend plans. >> up first, a south bay family uneasy with its new neighbors. the old problem that has
10:43 pm
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new neighbors lead to tension in san jose. a new homeless camp has popped up here after a large encampment known as the jungle has cleared out. one san jose family says this new encampment is way too close for their comfort. rob roth tells us why they're both worried and scared. >> reporter: now for at least one family, there neighborhood is neither safe or quiet. it is because of that fear barb smith asked us not to show her face. she says a homeless encampment is just on the other side of that caltrans fence has been growing and has been trouble ever since from fires to vandalism. >> they come into our backyard, today maybe five times that
10:46 pm
they've been in our backyard since christmas eve. they can see when we're in our yard, when we're in the house they can see what lights are on and what rooms we're in. we have no privacy. >> reporter: the encampment began when the city closed the jungle, it was just over a mile from where the smeeds live. >> me and my wife are up at all hours. checking our doors, checking our windows. >> reporter: mr. sneed says that they wanted a fence but don't have the money. >> it's a last ditch effort of how can i protect my family. >> reporter: the city says they have found housing for at least 100 people living in then campment but there's about 200 encampments like the jungle. >> we're trying to deal with
10:47 pm
our biggest problems first. >> reporter: the sneeds say they are sympathetic to the plight of the homeless but don't know what else they can do. police come when called but the trouble remains. >> there are those who are living back there that are in desperate need of help and there's those that are living there and terrorizing the neighborhood. >> reporter: rob roth, fox 2 news. residents of a troubled public housing got the news. 121 people living at the la hacienda will be receiving section eight vouchers for new apartments next week. we've been telling you about the poor living conditions since last summer. today peterson invited us into her apartment to show us the mold and other problems. >> this is very good news. i can't wait. i'm smiling hard like kool-aid. i can't wait to get out of
10:48 pm
here. >> the building is being sold to a nonprofit and will be gutted and rebuilt from the inside out. he also says current residents will have first rights to return if they want. checking back in on the weather we have showers out there right now. boy the heavy showers came out right in the heart of the friday commute. you see scattered showers outside. we have lots of activity in san jose right now. you can see that san jose and east and south of san jose it's raining pretty hard down toward morgan hill. showers will taper off tonight. the snow in the mountains will stay at high snow elevations and will begin to taper off tonight. and we head for storm number two. which turns out to be between saturday's system which is almost nothing and today's system so this is storm number two here. saturday's system doesn't really count as a system. between the storms a slight chance of a shower. there probably will be a few sprinkles around. it's still kind of warm. temperatures will be in the
10:49 pm
upper 60s, mid-60s. we're looking at wind at 30 miles per hour. as we move into saturday morning it could drop a little bit of rain. this is the kind of day you're going to have in san francisco. temperatures in the mid-60s. you're going to look at mid-60s and partly sunny, mostly sunny, partly cloudy. maybe a sprinkle. the leviest rain is going to be the north bay you knew that. rainfall accumulations around the bay proper maybe up to 3- inches that would be great. and the gusty winds to 45 miles per hour. here's what the computer model thinks. tomorrow morning, there's your morning. now we're going to go into saturday afternoon. right not a bad set up there. there's saturday afternoon. so sunday, right there. so starts to line up sunday morning about 6:00 a.m. you start to see something happening. then boom, right there. about 7:00, 8:00, 10:00 it really starts to rain. it'll be significant rain. we'll see rainfall rates with this system half inch an hour in some places that could get
10:50 pm
you an urban and stream flood advisories and rain warnings in the north bay. there's your sunday afternoon. starts to break out. and looks like you'll start to dry out a little bit after that. forecast highs for tomorrow. mild mid-60s. forecast in the santa clara valley upper 60s. 69 in gilroy. a chance of showers saturday but don't change your plans. sunday maybe a thundershower and just kind of a nice little pattern that continues to deliver rainfall which is great. rainfall percents of average in places like santa rosa are going to go back to 100% of average. more showers possible on monday and looks like there's something else down a week from there. things are starting more fluid. >> it was really coming down today. >> right on the commute too. >> thank you, bill. a 13-year-old girl from saratoga has won a prestigious prize for her photograph of a
10:51 pm
gecko. it's an extreme crow up of a gecko licking its left eyeball -- extreme close up. good timing how can she get that. >> all i can think about is 15 minutes will save you 15%. the geico commercial. >> he was thinking about that for a while. a test, a real test for the warriors. unfortunately they -- >> yeah, 82 games in the season. no such thing as a huge game this early but hugely entertaining. you may say the warriors were not quite ready for prime time. national focus against the team with the best record in the east and it wouldn't go their way. you have to wonder why atlanta got three extra free throws
10:52 pm
than the warriors. atlanta steals, korver does what he does. converts the three. 13 turnovers for the warriors but we're tied at halftime. warriors down 10. but doing what they do themselves. thompson crashed. he had 39 to lead golden state. if warriors pull even from that double digit deficit. as steph chimes in to bank. he called it. the smile said so. tied at 74-74. atlanta just smoking hot from three. they hit 15 of 27 from the arch. mike scott 17 points in 17 minutes. if hawks 17-9. the warriors are 29-9. i see a rematch in the finals that would be good stuff. stanford women, man they've had it their way for so long in the pac12 they have forgotten how the other half lives. a little doze of the real life
10:53 pm
for stanford. no joke. yeah they take their hoops seriously. second half action. 16-0 tear to come down to nine at the half. as dormstotter with the three. and inbound briana roberson has a good look at it. clank. that's it 53-52. usc the winner. there's good stuff to report. a very familiar game the bay area football fan joins the raiders in a key coaching position. and the calendar does not lie. baseball is here. weather or not ready. the fans are ready for fan fest this weekend. sports part ii is next.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
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despite the weather, there will be no raining on the giant's parade or fan fest for that matter either. dampening not about to happen with this organization. celebrate the third series conquest and it continues before tomorrow's fan fan event. we had media day today. most of the players available and of course yeah you move forward but you want to take a little bounce back and talk about game seven against the
10:57 pm
royalless. the hero of that series madison baumgartner who was asked about his individual goals for 2015. >> a big goal setter. all the goals i have is to win championships, that's it. no individual stuff, i don't care where you're ranked this and that whatever. that means nothing to me. it's not going to change the work that i put into it it's not going to change how much i care about this team and organization and winning games. >> i was able to go through all my stuff. all the memorabilia throughout the year and all the pictures and off the stuff. really, sinks in to what you're able to accomplish as a team. it was truly an unbelievable year for us. and i'm excited about hopefully repeating it. >> and the raiders i would imagine are excited by the fact that ken norton jr. will join the defense.
10:58 pm
he brings his tough guy attitude to coach del rio. >> thank you for joining us. our next newscast mornings on two beginning at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. see you later. >> have a good weekend. good night. >> night.
10:59 pm
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